Wednesday, November 5, 2008

McGee Flutes

Terry McGee makes wooden flutes for Irish, early and classical music based on the best of original instruments, including the popular Rudall & Rose and Pratten's Perfected models. Based in Malua Bay, New South Wales, Australia, Terry has been a flute maker since the mid seventies and exports his instruments to the four corners of the globe.

Terry's instruments are one-off craftsman-built instruments using the finest materials and a combination of traditional and modern techniques. They show the benefit of the vast and continuing research he has undertaken in Australia and in collections around the world. The most rigorous attention to tuning makes his instruments the most precise and vibrant available, and incorporation of new techniques makes them far more rewarding to play than the best of the originals. On the practical side, he has developed a new tuning slide which does not cause splitting as did the traditional slide, and new key shapes to improve ease of playing.

Terry also makes replacement parts and carries out repairs and rebuilds for original instruments.His site includes extensive information on flute care, history, research, choosing a flute, fingering charts and links to other important flute resources.

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