Monday, September 28, 2009


Shetland reel, composed by Iain Burns I think...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Charley Higgins and Jack Dolan

Mouse in the Cupboard, Mist in the Meadow (1955)
Flute duet, unknown - piano, Irish I-3011. A pair of fiery jigs from these Leitrim musicians. Both tunes were recorded by John McKenna, the first in duet with James Morrison, the second with Eddie Mehan; Morrison recorded it solo as well.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Sandmount Reel - Irish Flute

Reel on Irish flute recorded during the flute workshop at Tradschool's Summer Workshops 2009.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flute Geezers - Irish Flute MP3s

Unknown player

1.mp3 I think this is Josie McDermott’s tune Darby’s Farewell to
London, Paul Wells

10.mp3 2 reels, 2nd of which is a nice setting of Miss/Mrs. McLeod’s

2.mp3 Lady on Island

7.mp3 3 jigs, 2nd is Hag with the Money and 3rd is Hag at the Churn

8.mp3 reels, the last one [cut off] is Maid of Mt. Kisco

9.mp3 reels, the 2nd is The Sandmount

Eddie Maloney

edmaloney1.mp3 Christmas Eve
edmaloney2.mp3 ?reel
edmaloney3.mp3 one of the Copperplates
edmaloney4.mp3 the other Copperplate
edmaloney5.mp3 ?jig

edmaloney6.mp3 The Cat’s Rambles [per Jack Coen]

edmaloney7.mp3 Boyne Hunt; Rolling on the Rye Grass [aka Shannon Breeze]



Jack Dolan

jack_dolan1.mp3 The Concert Reel

jack_dolan2.mp3 ?reel

jack_dolan3.mp3 The Traveler [aka Walker Street]

jack_dolan4.mp3 ?reel

Josie McDermott

jmc1.mp3 ?reel
jmc2.mp3 Rathcroghan Reel [per Catherine McEvoy]

jmc3.mp3 Darby’s Farewell to London [announced]

jmc4.mp3 Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel

Packie Duignan

packie1.mp3 two tunes in one file, though played separately [i.e., not as
a set]. First is an unknown reel, then Kid on the Mt [announced]

packie2.mp3 Colonel Frazer

packie3.mp3 ?jig
packie4.mp3 ?reel
packie5.mp3 ?reel

packie6-the traveler..> The Traveler

Patsy Hanley

patsyh1.mp3 reels, the 2nd is Drogheda Bay [per Matt Molloy]

patsyh2.mp3 ?reels
patsyh3.mp3 ?reels
patsyh4.mp3 ?reel

Sunday, September 13, 2009

If There Weren't Any Women In The World

Barn dance, title track from the forthcoming album featuring Stephen Ducke (flute) and Bean Dolan (guitar).

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Munster Buttermilk: Irish Flute mp3

Irish Jig on flute

Download mp3 here:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

South Indian Flute Music

A selection of South Indian flute music by Tanjore Viswanathan. The master flute musician performs a number of ragas accompanied by five other musicians playing the violin and assorted traditional Indian instruments.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tom Morrison - Maggie in the Woods

Maggie in the Woods, a set of polkas played on Irish flute by Tom Morrisson. Recorded in 1923