Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TRP (The Reese Project) – Evening in Vermont

"(Tom Reese – flute, pennywhistle, alto flute; Laurie Haines Reese – cello, electric cello; Kirk Reese – piano; Dave Young – drums; Tish Brown – violin, viola (tracks 2, 5, 7))

The Reese Project (also known simply as TRP) is a family quartet which can’t say no to new approaches to jazz. On the foursome’s ninth album, Evening in Vermont—and first for the Rhombus label—flautist Tom Reese (who wrote four of the 11 pieces), wife Laurie Haines Reese (cello and electric cello), brother Kirk Reese (piano) and drummer Dave Young do a mash-up of Stephen Foster and television cartoon dad Homer Simpson; a genre splicing of The Beatles with Miles Davis; and use an exotic electric cello as a string instrument and in place of a bass, not a typical configuration in any idiom.

TRP (The Reese Project) – Evening in Vermont – Rhombus - Audiophile Audition

Monday, October 10, 2011

Drums, Irish flute and Spanish guitar

"In the new album “Openminded?” German DJ Roger Shah explores a new side of trance boldly fusing contrasting instruments.

He combines drums with the elements of house fused with magical Spanish guitar and wild Irish flute.

The album turned out diverse: there are star vocalists of electronic dance music such as Sian Kosheen, but also more mellow artists like Moya Brennan, who happens to be Enya’s sister.

Roger Shah, a DJ, promoter and producer in one person, offers an unforgettable show, which is accompanied by an intimate orchestra consisting of synthesizer, piano and other musical instruments.

Sat, Sept. 24, Stereo Plaza, 17 Kikvidze St., 222-80-40, tickets: Hr 125-300."