Monday, August 20, 2012

New Irish Whistle Tutor Book

Tin Whistle

A Complete Guide to Playing Irish Traditional Music on the Whistle

286-page pdf ebook and 420 accompanying mp3 files
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This tutor book and its accompanying multimedia files will give a complete practical introduction to playing Irish traditional music on the tin whistle. Each part of the tutor contains graded lessons, exercises and tunes, and
they are meant to be used back-to-back, giving a complete introduction to the whistle in Irish traditional music.

As a novice, you can expect by the end of this course to be familiar with the Irish traditional repertoire and style, and to master some typical music from the repertoire.

The course is in 2 parts : the basics of the whistle in part 1 (Units 1-5), Irish traditional music on the whistle in Part 2 (Units 7-16). It is designed to be accessible to complete beginners. No prior musical knowledge is necessary to begin the Basic tutor. Both musical notation and tablature are used in the tutor books; so no knowledge of musical staff notation or sight reading is necessary, although those who prefer using staff notation may do so.

I have tried to reflect the orally-transmitted nature of Irish traditional music as much as possible in this course. I have also tried to base the course on the interpretation of the music, to bring the learner to a real understanding
of the traditional idiom. Ornamentation is presented in context, and each new element is presented with numerous examples.

Ideally, the beginner would use both parts of this course, starting with the lessons in the basic tutorial, while listening to the audio files from the intermediate and advanced levels. These mp3 files can be downloaded to Ipod or CD, to listen at home, when working or in the car... The more exposure you have to the music, the quicker and easier you will pick it up when you arrive at the intermediate and advanced stages.

Price : 29€ / 35 USD
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